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To our patrons, sponsors, friends, family, boosters, Weaver Academy students and staff...  

those of us with  the school of theatre @weaver would like to simply say; 

THANK YOU for your continued support!

the school of theatre @weaver  PANDEMIC Season

NOW '21 - Night of Original Work,  January 7 7pm (Link will go live below as scheduled)

Holiday WAPO-online edition,  December 22 7pm (Live Link)

WAPO- November  2020 - online edition , November 24th, 7pm (Live Link will come online 11-24)

THE DUCHESS OF MALFI- Recorded show coming in December (Live Link will come online TBA)

Crepes - NCTC Virtual Showcase 2020-(Live Link NOW - click poster)

Contemporary Courtship - NCTC Virtual Showcase 2020-  (Live Link NOW - click poster)

WAPO- Seniors 2020 - online edition , May 28th, 7pm  (Live Link NOW - click poster)

Musical Theatre Showcase - online edition, May 29th, 7pm (Live Link NOW - click poster)

ONLINE Senior Showcase 20. May 30th 7pm (Live Link NOW - click poster)

Instructions on access to these events will be posted on various sites

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